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English: REVEN Air Cleaners

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REVEN Air cleaners for mechanical processing and food industry

Technologies test stand

Technologies test stand for flame exposure testing Flame exposure testing in accordance with DIN 18869-5 and DIN EN 16282-6 In connection with manufacturing and finishing processes in mechanical engineering and the food industry, high concentrations of highly inflammable aerosols often have to be extracted and separated. If the aerosols ignite in the exhaust air duct, the flames can spread into the whole building via the duct and set entire building complexes on fire within a few minutes. further information In order to prevent rapid flame propagation, the flame-arresting capability of all our X-CYCLONE® basic aerosol separator elements is tested in accordance with national and international standards. (Technologies) 40 © All rights reserved

Technologies REVEN® Oil Mist Separators successfully Pass explosion tests This is why all our X-CYCLONE® basic elements comply with all German and European requirements with regard to their flame-arresting capability. Even their behaviour in explosive environments has been tested and documented. © All rights reserved 41

REVEN ePaper

Deutsch: REVEN Luftreiniger
English: REVEN Air Cleaners
French: REVEN Epurateurs d’air
Chinese: REVEN 空气净化器
Dutch: REVEN Luchtreinigers
Italian: REVEN Depuratori d'aria
Spanish: REVEN Purifi cadores de aire
Portuguese: REVEN Purifi cadores de ar
Japanese: REVEN エアクリーナー
Romanian: REVEN Purifi catoare de aer
Russian: REVEN Воздухоочистители
Hungarian: REVEN Légtisztítók
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