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English: REVEN Air Cleaners

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REVEN Air cleaners for mechanical processing and food industry

Compact Systems

Compact Systems X-CYCLONE® RJ Series RANGE OF APPLICATION Cleaning of the exhaust air from processing machines, coating plants or food-processing lines. Separation of water-based aerosols such as cooling lubricants or spray mist. TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS • Patented high-performance X-CYCLONE® separating system with an efficiency rate of up to 99.9999 %. • Sustainable air-cleaning concept thanks to the use of cleanable separators. • Fan impeller and motor with energyefficient eco-design in accordance with the European Directive on Energy-related Products (ErP). Energy-saving potential of up to Euro 1,000 per year compared to traditional air cleaners. • Efficiency and function of the air cleaner proven by CFD flow analysis. • Flame-arresting X-CYCLONE® basic elements, tested in accordance with DIN 18869-5 and DIN EN 16282. • Enclosure 100 % rustproof in accordance with the requirements of the German trademark association for stainless steel Warenzeichenverband Edelstahl Rostfrei e.V. • Designed, constructed and produced in Germany. • Lifetime guarantee on the X-CYCLONE® basic separator elements and the corrosion resistance of the enclosure. 58 © All rights reserved

X-CYCLONE® RJ Series Compact Systems ACCESSORIES W • EUREVEN® F2011 filter top unit with moisture-repelling, synthetic filter material, easy to clean; suitable for low smoke generation. • Particulate air filter top unit, suitable for high smoke generation. H • Agglomeration system made of stainless steel, suitable for the removal of PM 2.5 . • Honeycomb agglomerator, suitable for high steam concentrations. 200 mm L • REVEN® TEC Pipe for the condensation of steam and oil vapours. • Chip protection, activated carbon filter and bag filter. • Extraction hoses, capture hoods and brackets. • Set of device supports. Technical DaTa – X-cYclOne® rJ SerieS Electrical data Dimensions Type of device extraction volume [m³/h] Voltage [V] Current [A] Power 3* [W] 1* 2* 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz Length [mm] Width [mm] Height [mm] connecting diameter DN [mm] Weight [kg] Noise level [dB(A)] RJ-1 400 700 1~230 1~115 0.80 1.20 84 300 300 230 100 10 40 RJ-2 1000 1500 3~400 3~460 0.90 0.77 400 440 440 480 160 26 63 RJ-3 1400 2600 3~400 3~460 1.61 1.43 650 440 440 480 160 30 65 1* Extraction volume when connected to the extraction system with the filter(s) installed. 2* Extraction volume in unconnected, free-blowing state without filter. 3* Power data referring to the operational power. Other voltages on request! © All rights reserved 59

REVEN ePaper

Deutsch: REVEN Luftreiniger
English: REVEN Air Cleaners
French: REVEN Epurateurs d’air
Chinese: REVEN 空气净化器
Dutch: REVEN Luchtreinigers
Italian: REVEN Depuratori d'aria
Spanish: REVEN Purifi cadores de aire
Portuguese: REVEN Purifi cadores de ar
Japanese: REVEN エアクリーナー
Romanian: REVEN Purifi catoare de aer
Russian: REVEN Воздухоочистители
Hungarian: REVEN Légtisztítók
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