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English: REVEN Air Cleaners

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REVEN Air cleaners for mechanical processing and food industry

Emulsion Mist Separator

Emulsion Mist Separator SARA® Ultra-Eco Compact (UEC 1000) Inexpensive compact air cleaner for water-based aerosols 60

CLEAN AIR THANKS TO A SOPHISTICATED DESIGN AND SPEZIAL FILTERS The new emulsion mist separator SARA® Ultra-Eco compact (abbreviated to “UEC 1000”, formerly “REVEN® SH”) is an outstanding product among the currently available industrial air cleaners and is distinguished by a favourable priceperformance ratio, a compact and environmentally sound design and low energy consumption. Exclusively available at 61

REVEN ePaper

Deutsch: REVEN Luftreiniger
English: REVEN Air Cleaners
French: REVEN Epurateurs d’air
Chinese: REVEN 空气净化器
Dutch: REVEN Luchtreinigers
Italian: REVEN Depuratori d'aria
Spanish: REVEN Purifi cadores de aire
Portuguese: REVEN Purifi cadores de ar
Japanese: REVEN エアクリーナー
Romanian: REVEN Purifi catoare de aer
Russian: REVEN Воздухоочистители
Hungarian: REVEN Légtisztítók
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